Diablo5 Theme Tweaker


You need to install the Diablo5 theme to use this theme tweaker.
You need to install the statusbar hack to have more or less than 7 items.

standard 5 standard 6 standard 7 standard 8 standard 9 standard 10 standard 11 standard 12
compressed 4 compressed 5 compressed 6 compressed 7 super compressed 7

Gap on left side of statusbar: default: 7 (minimum: 0)
Number of applets: default: 7 (minimum: 1)
Width of menu hotspot: default: 100 (minimum: 10)
Width of close button: default: 100 (minimum: 46)

There is no known way to reposition the home menu button (probably defined by hildon-desktop). It begins on the far left side of the screen, is 320 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall. The Diablo5 statusbar is only 50 pixels tall so you can tap anywhere in the 10 pixels below the statusbar to open the home menu. If you have space for 7 or fewer applets you can tap to the right of the statusbar to open the home menu. And if you set a left gap then you can tap there as well. The red area below shows the region that will activate the home menu. The red is not part of the image, right-click on the dark area to save the third image.

Save these five images to /usr/share/themes/Diablo5/images/

Save this file to /usr/share/themes/Diablo5/matchbox/theme.xml

Version 1.3 Version 1.2 Version 1.1